Institute for System Analysis and Applied Numerics


The Institute for System Analysis and Applied Numerics (ISAAN) is a private founded non-profit Organization dedicated to the advancement of education and science.

The primary focus of the institute is to foster an interdisciplinary approach for solving problems of applied research through the synergistic interaction of scientists from the academic and industrial communities, and through the promotion of highly motivated students and young scientists.

You can become a private or cooperative sponsor of ISAAN. Your donations are tax deductible due to the official non-profit status of the institute.
Your donation will help to promote the following:

  • Talented students and young scientists
  • Education and research
  • Creation of a interdisciplinary research network
  • Organizing of seminars interdisciplinary research topics
  • Support of small and medium companies with research related advice and expert opinion
  • Publication of scientific papers and reports
  • Establish a position for a PH.D. student.

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