Workshop on May, 4th

Vigilance Expert System and TALMA

Field: Vigilance 

  • Speaker: Prof. Martin Golz
  • Overview
  • Research and Development Roadmap

Summary and Comparison of Sleep-Wake Models

Field: Vigilance

  • Speaker: Christian Heinze
  • 2 Process Model (Daan Beersma et al)
  • 3 Process Model
  • Modelling probability for naps and increased fatigue risks

Sleep-Wake Model - Current Development Status

Field: Vigilance

  • Speaker: Sven Schirmer
  • Overview
  • Current flaws
  • Outlook

Alternative Sleep functions for Sleep-Wake Modelling

Field: Vigilance

  • Speaker: Dr. Udo Trutschel
  • Qualitative Sleep recovery based on sleep stages derived from slow wave activity (SWA) in EEG recordings
  • Discussion

Overview on Evolutionary Algorithms

Field: Optimization algorithms

  • Speaker: Dr. David Sommer
  • Overview
  • Genetic Algorithms
    • Selection functions
    • Cross combination and Mutation functions
    • Demonstration
  • Discussion

Design of future Experimental Studies

Field: Vigilance

  • Speaker: Thomas Schnupp
  • Current laboratory state
  • Outlook of future experimental studies
  • Discussion of desired measurements and protocols
    • Alpha Attenuation Test
    • Karolinska Sleepiness Scale
    • Posturography
    • Continous Tracking Task

  2007 ISSAN