End of June 2010, a symposium of researchers in fatigue and microsleep events was held at the University of Applied Science in Schmalkalden. For two days, recognized scientists held speeches and discussed vigilance related issues from microscopic molecular levels to macroscopic scales.

ISAAN sponsored a 300€ first price for the displayed and discussed scientific posters, plus a 200€ award for the second winner. All participants of the Symposium were asked to vote for their favorite poster. The winner was Mr. E.Goetze for "Development of a Driving Simulation Scenario for Fatigue Examination". The second price was splitted for two posters, "Computerized Dynamic Posturography for the Assessment of Central Fatigue" (A.Schenka) and "On the Significance of the Compensatory Tracking Task" (C. Schenka).


Dr. Trutschel (left) and the Award Winners (right)

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